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The Best Baby Sleep Solution made from 100% Natural Fibres.

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Why Mums love Lola & Ben's baby sleep solution

It is the equivalent of a whole year’s worth of blankets, in one functional, beautiful garment.

You don’t have to worry about baby kicking blankets off and getting cold while sleeping.

It is made from certified organic cotton and 100% New Zealand merino wool, so you can be sure it’s chemical free.

Your baby’s feet stay snug and safe inside the sleeping bag...no socks falling off in the pram!

It has a pram and car seat slot for ease of transportation.

The height adjustable shoulder domes means it’s suitable for newborns to 2 year olds.

It becomes a sleep association cue, which helps your baby settle easily.

Quick and easy to wash and dry.

It’s so easy to use, it saves you leaving lengthy bedtime instructions for the babysitter!